Friday, 14. August 2020 · 2 minutes

Starting this september, I will join Matchory as head of engineering and help them revolutionize the global manufacturing market.

As it goes with most big changes in life, I didn’t notice what was happening until all puzzle pieces were in place. My original plan for 2020 (looking back this is a silly thing to say, with this specific year probably accounting for the highest number of cancelled plans in recent and not-so-recent history) was to start looking at the job market around August, probably making a decision in late october, and get moving sometime before the holidays. Much more important, I wanted to finally leave Munich and move to a new place, with a new job, and start over.
Not for some wild desire to burn all bridges, mind you, but merely to give the world a chance to show me something new. Being in your mid-twenties, with no relationships, kids, or any other real obligations yet, there’s not much reason to stay at one place for too long. That’s what I think, at least. The world is too big of a place to artificially limit the fraction of it I’m going to see in my lifetime.
Anyway, with this plan in mind, I was laid back, waiting for events to unfold, convinced things would work out either way. Until the day Nils, my friend, neighbour, and future colleague, asked me whether I’d like to join their company, responsible for the entire web platform. My intuition was saying “no”, considering I had a well-paid job and more than solid standing at MessengerPeople; despite the economically critical situation, I was pretty sure to be one of the last people being laid off, independently of how things’d turn out. That night, I started wondering.

Why not?

Of course there’s no reason to say no. After all, I don’t have much to lose career-wise. The only thing I’m trading in is the security an established company provides, at the expense of the freedom to do whatever the fuck I deem right. If things go awry in the end, I’m at least sure I brought this upon myself.