Professional experience

Engineering Lead


Jan 2020  –  today

As the project lead of the Unified Messaging API, I’m product owner, core contributor and coordinate sales and marketing decisions across the company. Originally, I built the system from scratch in tandem with our CTO @MaxTietz, taking care to design a fully scalable automation solution.

Over time, I have worked on several interesting projects here.

Software Engineer


Aug 2018  –  Jan 2020

As a software engineer, I was working on a multitude of projects, including things like the most complex chatbot we ever built, bringing modern PHP to existing applications or slowly migrating the entire tech stack to Kubernetes.

Systems Administrator


Mar 2015  –  Jul 2018

After my apprenticeship, I worked as a sysadmin for three years, gathering extensive experience with technical requirements of small to medium businesses. During that time, I got my hands on almost all parts of IT: Local networks, VPNs, OS and software management, huge Wi-Fi deployments, telephone systems, server rack assembly, monitoring and maintenance, tools research, medical appliances - the list could go on.
I consider myself fairly confident with almost any kind of technology.


Apprenticeship Systems Administration


Sep 2012  –  Feb 2015


Siebold-Gymnasium W├╝rzburg

Jun 2012

Open Source Commitment

In my spare time, I really enjoy working on open source projects, too. Coding, or solving problems in general, is something I am deeply passionate about. I have catered to this need over the years by contributing to lots of different open source projects.

Core Member

Anchor CMS

Mar 2013  –  today

Anchor CMS is a minimalistic content management system with a focus on simplicity and expandability. While teaching myself PHP, I came in contact with the core team and ultimately joined them.