About Me

Hi! I'm Moritz, a full-stack developer with a focus on the backend side of things. Currently, I'm working for MessengerPeople, a startup from Munich, as the head honcho of the Messaging API.

At MessengerPeople, I've got the opportunity to work on and lead several super interesting projects on the bleeding edge of technology. That includes migrating the existing, legacy PHP (5.6) stack with a homegrown framework onto a solid foundation: After lots of pain and sweat and tears, we're now proud (product) owners of a Kubernetes setup with modern PHP (>=7.3), Composer packages everywhere and a fluent build pipeline.

Aside from PHP I also work on the frontend side of things, albeit honestly, I prefer the PHP ecosystem. For GUI projects, I'm usually working with Vue(x).

If you need more info, please refer to my Developer Story on Stack Overflow.

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